HochX Theater, Munich

Performance/ Installation

A man was placed in a Terrarium for his actions to be observed. He moves through the dark, appearing and disappearing. The ground that he inhabits is covered with
artifacts and the actions that he creates have a slow nature, nearly a static image. He seems to be used to be in that place. The actions seem to come out of his eyes,
as if he pushed his hands through his eyes to hold some of the images that are contained inside. They are the projection of the inside to the outside, as if his brain
were a camera obscura where the actions and images are always revealed in a dim light. Appearing for a brief moment and soon to disappear.

There is a pressure for the impact, for a consequence, for clarification. There is something intermittent, something related to death, to disappearance. The stage is a
sort of miniature Terrarium, where form is ephemeral, appearing for a brief moment only to vanish again. At first glance Terrarium is housed in a dead end, a kind of
laboratorywhere the universe celebration and dream are surrounded by a twilight state. A kind of figure who lives in a “cave” and explores the impossibility of “fixing”

Concept, Performance, Sound, Costume & Video André Uerba
Light Design, Neon Light Sculpture, LED moving light idea André Uerba
LED moving light conception Travis Wood
Choreography Assistant Anna Posch
Mentors Diego Agulló, Siegmar Zacharias, Vladimir Miller
Light counseling Ruth Waldeyer
Coproduction HZT, Ufertstudios
Support Centro Nacional de Cultura, Uferstudios, HZT

Photo Marion Borriss

A SHORT HOPE production